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Intrusion ( Burglar ) Alarm System

Intrusion ( Burglar ) Alarm System


An intelligent system which will guard all your doors and windows, will raise an alarm in case of an emergency and call your family and friends for help. The purpose of the system is to protect the premises ( home, office, factory, showroom, shop etc. ) from burglary and intrusion – TOTALLY.

This is achieved by installing various security sensors at all entry points of the premises.

These devices are then linked up to the heart of the system – the Control Panel. The Control Panel monitors all doors, windows and other entry points through the connected devices. In the event of an unauthorized entry, the system is triggered and an alarm is immediately raised through powerful sounders.

Fire detectors can also be attached to the Control Panel to detect fire. An inbuilt or attached speech dialer will call you, your friends, your family, the police, the fire brigade and anyone else you would like notified, in case of an emergency and deliver an intrusion or fire message recorded in your very own voice.