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Fire Protection in pune and Fire Suppression System Pune India

Safe N Secure is a Fire Protection in Pune to beat out fire and it is also known as Fire Suppression System in Pune. We have many types of fire protection system like Fire Tube Detection System pune India, Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System Pune India, Kitchen Fire Suppression System Pune India and FM200 fire suppression system pune india. We are Also known for providing best co2 flooding system pune India and foam flooding system pune India. We have highest quality safety standards. Fire always cause in flammable oils, hydraulic fluids, cleaning tanks in many industrial processes which is why Fire Protection in Pune is important. We also provides two types of Water Spray System Medium Velocity Water Spray System in Pune and High Velocity Water Spray System in Pune.

We are best extinguishers for Kitchen Fire Suppression System India, so if you got yourself in any fire we glad to help you with our Fire Protection in Pune. We are also known for the best Foam Flooding System Pune India and co2 flooding system Pune India

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Pune India use Fire Supression System which has ability to complete cooling. We never use any toxic chemicals for this system set up and heat detectors are installed within the Kitchen Fire Suppression system Pune India. It can do fast detection and it is stainless steel friendly. When we activate Kitchen Fire Suppression System Pune India fire beat out agent is applied via some determined spray patterns which low down any fire. We are one of the leading Fire Tube Detection System Pune India. These tubes are available for more application and are generally supplied in packages. This Fire tube detection system India is used to detect gas in an area and used as safety major. Fire Protection in Pune prevent re-ignition by controlling the formation of flammable vapours.
We are Fire Tube Detection System India with aim to provide fast reliable results just in seconds for your safety. This tube detection system pune india is used to set alarm when gas leak in any area where the leak is occurring, so this will give the opportunity for people in that area to leave.
Tube Detection System Pune India is important to save people or animal from harmful gases. These Detector Tubes are filled with chemical reagent that produce colour change when gas leak. Fire Protection in Pune known for their best service to control fire without human intervention.
Fire Tube Detection System India can be used in industrial plants, refineries, many manufacturing industries, mills, vehicles, indoor air quality testing. These tubes can interface with system automatically so the system shut down. These gases can be found in oil rigs and emerging technology.
One of the example of Fire Suppression System is Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System Pune India. Novec 1230 pune India is waterless chemical Fire Suppression agent. Novec 1230 Pune Is mainly use to remove free radicals or heat element from the fire to beat out fire. Heat elements like heat, Oxygen and fuel. This gas is tested for safety purpose and Novec 1230 India is safe to use within occupied spaces.
Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System Pune India is reputed system for Fire Suppression. Novec 1230 Pune fluid has lifetime of 3-5 atmospheric days and has no impact on climate change. Novec 1230 India looks like water but its features like moisture is not present in the fluid.
Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System Pune India has quick system to supress fire and protect sensitive. This system is used in electronically non-conductive areas and has excellent environmental profile. Fire Protection in Pune save people from fire and also save property.
Fire Suppression System India uses clear approach with Novec 1230 India to provide safety in danger area. It prevents small fire from becoming large one.
Now a days within commercial kitchens like restaurant kitchens and other environment where food can be cooked, higher temperature cooking oils and other appliances are combined which make Fire Suppression more challenging task. Kitchen Fire Suppression System Pune India is used to protect such types of kitchens.
Kitchen Fire Suppression System India has team of highly skilled and trained professionals. We are known for standard quality and best service, so we are mostly demanded by our clients. We also take customized requirements of clients. Vegetable oils contain more ignition property than animal fat.
We are recognized for providing CO2 Flooding System Pune India and Foam Flooding System Pune India. We use premium quality components which has high efficiency to estinguish fire by reducing the oxygen content. With our wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise in the field we Design, Supply, Install, Commission the system to the complete satisfaction of our client’s . Fire protection in pune also includes importance of engineering, modification and maintenance of Fire protection in pune and Fire tube Detection system India. Safe N Secure also cater to the demands of Residential & Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Industries, Hotels ,Educational Institutions, IT Parks, Business Establishments etc.

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FM200 Pune


This System is intended to prevent or extinguish fires automatically within seconds, where there is electrical or sensitive electronic equipment serving a critical operation. We provide FM200 fire suppression systems Pune india

Novec 1230 fire suppression system India


Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas has been used as an extinguishing agent in fixed installations since the beginning of the twentieth century. NFPA-12 Rules and BIS 6382. We at Safe N Secure provide best co2 flooding system Pune India

Foam Flooding System India

NOVEC 1230

Because its use concentration is much lower than its No Observable Adverse Effects Level (NOAEL), Novec 1230 India fluid offers the widest margin of safety of any viable halon. We at Safe N Secure Provide novec 1230 fire suppression system Pune India

kitchen fire suppression system Pune India


Introduction:-Argonite has been developed to meet the demands from the industry for an environmentally friendly media . Argonite is non-toxic, non-corrosive.

Foam Flooding System Pune India


The Foam Flooding Systems are similar to Water Mist fire suppression systems but use an expanding foam solution mixed with water to extinguish the fire. Safe N Secure is known for the best Foam Flooding System pune, India

Co2 Flooding systems Pune India

HVWS/MVWS/Water Mist System

High velocity systems are often used to protect equipment that incorporate heavy or medium oils equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, diesel engines and fuel .

kitchen fire suppression system india


Safe N Secure is totally committed to helping you get the best performance from your buildings. We are a pioneer and an industry leader in providing building management systems.

addressable fire alarm in pune


We design and install the system as per the customer's requirement. The above items are available in different makes namely - System Sensor, Ravel, Morley IAS, Honeywell. We are known for providing Best addressable fire alarm in Pune India

Fire Tube detection system pune India


Fire Tube detection system pune India is ideal for localised applications such as electrical panels, sever racks, industrial machines etc.


tube detection system India
addressable fire alarm in pune
addressable fire alarm in pune
addressable fire alarm in pune
addressable fire alarm in pune
Foam Flooding System India
co2 flooding system india
novec 1230 fire suppression system india
kitchen fire suppression system india



co2 flooding system pune
Bharat Forge

For Well, after many years, we have used Fire Pro Exclusively for all of all our fire protection. The Company offers quality products, service, and competitive rates. Our projects are all different and require attention to detail. The sales and estimating staff are a joy to work with.

Foam flooding sytem in india

The management and staff at SNS are always prompt when we call. They have completed jobs ranging from small repairs and upgrades to complete large facility fire protection projects. SNS have been a great supporting resource when designing new facilities or plant expansions.